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23 September, 2019

Autumn Teen Goddess Workshop Announcement!


After the success and great feedback from the last workshop and due to popular demand we have a new workshop for Autumn.

”It’s time to shine!”



This workshop will be aimed at combating worry, self doubt and stress.
Through different activities we get the girls talking about what matters to them, identify who they are as an individual and how to make good choices.

Withe the pressure of modern life and social media, a positive mindset is so important. Learning how to not take on others negativity and be truly happy with who you are is what many young girls need.




Activities included in the workshop.


  • Meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • How to use mantras to keep the mind focussed.
  • How crystals can help with creating positivity.
  • How goal setting can really help when feeling overwhelmed.


These workshops are suitable for all teens 12 - 16 yrs

This is not a counselling session, but a safe space for teens to come and truly be themselves, where they can talk about anything on their mind without any judgement. Some teens are quite content but love certain aspects that the workshops cover, such as learning about different crystals and the many relaxation and meditation techniques.
Its a great way to meet other teens and in some cases lift and empower others too.

This workshop starts
Tuesday October 8th
5pm - 7pm
(A £5 non refundable deposit is required)

For or more information email [email protected]